Firewood For Sale

Firewood Delivery

Firewood is offered for delivery in the Midlothian and Moseley areas of western Chesterfield County near Birkdale, Brandermill, Woodlake, Hampton Park, and Magnolia Green.


Delivered Quantities and Prices

  • 4 Bundles: $39.99
  • 6 Bundles: $55.95
  • 12 Bundles: $105.95
  • 2×4 stack (~1/12 cord): $59.49
  • 4×4 stack (~1/6 cord): $115.49
  • 4×8 stack (~1/3 cord): $199.49
  • 4 Fire Pit bundles (mixed pine/hardwoods): $32.95

Delivery fee: (calculated on checkout) $2 per straight-line mile from Woodlake

NOTE: we will stack the wood if we can back the truck up to your rack or stacking location. Otherwise, we’ll need to drop the wood in an area accessible by the truck.

Seasoned Mixed Hardwood


  • Species included is mostly oak and may include also hickory, maple, elm, poplar and other hardwoods
  • 25% or less internal moisture content, so it’ll burn well
  • We stack our wood on pallets to season, so there are no muddy or moldy pieces
  • Average length is 16″, unless you select the longer option on checkout.