Firewood For Sale

New for 2024: with our new wood-drying kiln we can supply a constant rotation of dry firewood. Order now for the next batch estimated to be ready around May 10-13. 

Firewood is offered for delivery in the Midlothian and Moseley areas of western Chesterfield County near Birkdale, Brandermill, Woodlake, Hampton Park, and Magnolia Green. Stacking is offered, free of charge, if we can pull the truck to the stacking location.  

Firewood Order Options

For current prices, see our online store. You’ll need to enter your address to get prices + delivery fee. 


  • 100% HARDWOOD: order 4,6 or 12 bundles at a time
  • Fire Pit Bundles (includes up to 50% pine)


  • 2x4ft Stack (1/12 cord) … FYI, this is roughly the same amount of wood as 10 bundles, but nearly half the cost
  • 4x4ft Stack (1/6 cord) 
  • 4x8ft Stack, aka truckload (1/3 cord) 

Delivery fee: (calculated on checkout) $2 per straight-line mile from Woodlake

NOTE: we will stack the wood if we can back the truck up to your rack or stacking location. Otherwise, we’ll need to drop the wood in an area accessible by the truck.

About Our Firewood… 

We pride ourselves on selling only fully-seasoned firewood. Some of our wood has air dried for 2 years before its dry enough to pass our standards.   


  • We sell primarily to “recreational” wood burners who enjoy fires in outdoor fire pits or in a fireplace, so we split everything relatively small making the wood easier to handle and to ignite.
  • Our firewood is mixed local hardwoods that includes mostly oak but may also include hickory, maple, elm, and poplar.
  • We stack our wood on pallets to season, so there are no muddy or moldy pieces
  • Average cut length is 16″, though there are always some a little shorter and longer.