Support Us

We’re so thankful for the support we’ve received since Woods Tree Farm started in 2018.

Here you’ll find numerous ways you can help us continue to grow the farm.

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Our dream is to develop Woods Tree Farm into a sustainable business that families will visit year after year for decades to come.

1) Bring your family during FLOWER SEASON or at CHRISTMAS TIME.

2) Small groups, business or charitable organizations can use our property for private gatherings. See our standard offering on the Bonfires page.

3) We work with professional photographers who want to use our farm for photo shoots. Get more details and book your photo shoot with us.

Purchase or Donate

1) Woods Tree Farm gear, like hats, hoodies and t-shirts along with other seasonal items such as coffee, jams and jellies are available to order in our online store.

2) Our Amazon storefront features products, tools, and supplies we use around the farm. We’ll earn a commission on your qualifying purchases.

3) Buy Me A Coffee because our caffeine requirements are high!

Watch and Subscribe

Since we started, we’ve been documenting our progress and sharing lessons learned on YouTube.

We now share videos on two channels:

1) Woods Tree Farm Youtube Channel is for everything related to operating our Christmas tree farm and running our seasonal u-pick flower business.

2) Flat Creek Outdoors Youtube Channel highlights farm projects, property maintenance and firewood production – basically all the other stuff that’s not directly related to Christmas trees and flowers.


compact tractor digging driveway

Partner With Us

We’re always open to exploring meaningful business and community partnerships. Here are some considerations: 

  • Let us feature your business or product on our Youtube Channel(s)
  • Be a farm sponsor and get promotion or have a booth at one of our on-farm events
  • Does your business need help getting more customers online? Phil’s career outside of the farm is in digital marketing. 

Contact us to discuss how we can team up and help each other grow.