If you’re shopping for a compact tractor, and you’re considering something like the Kubota L-Series (L2501, L3301, or L3901, for example), then you’ll have to evaluate a lot of feature and specifications in order to make the right choice for you.

Unfortunately, there are many things about owing a tractor that you won’t find out until you own one – things that are annoying, or missing, or are not well suited to your application and use.

These are the kinds of real-world feedback I wanted to share when I made this video. We bought our Kubota in January of 2019 and put over 80 hours of use in our first 5 months or so.

During those 5 months we have done projects big and small. We’ve dug a driveway, spread over 90 tons of stone, removed top soil, graded rough areas of the property and much more.

In our YouTube video, Complaints about the Kubota L3901, we cover some of our primary gripes about operating and owning this tractor. Don’t get me wrong – its a great tractor. But, it’s also a pretty basic tractor. Its marketed as an economy tractor, and that means it does have some shortcomings.

Here is a summary of our primary complaints about the L3901, so far:

  1. The operator’s area is too tight, and the position of the headlight and hazard light is right where the operator’s knee will routinely hit.
  2. The treddle pedal (for forward and reverse on HST tractors) it too large for the footwell where it’s located. Its easy to nudge the pedal when getting on/off of the tractor which will cut the engine off if it’s running.
  3. The oil level dipstick is difficult to reach – it’s submerged in the engine compartment and difficult to grab if you have big hands.
  4. The radiator prescreen is impossible to remove without the loader removed or raised.
  5. R4 tires are worthless in the mud.

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Thanks for checking out this content about our Kubota L3901 complaints. I hope our experience and feedback about this tractor are helpful to you if you’re shopping and considering purchasing a Kubota L-Series tractor.

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