We have been so blessed with beautiful wildflowers at our farm lately. Folks have come to collect them to share with others or admire in their home. We also had a group come out to do pressed flower art. It was really cool to remember this from our childhood years. There are other crafts you can also do with flowers so read along and join the wildflower journey we have been on.

First things first is to collect your flowers! This to me is the best part of the journey. You can wander among the flowers while watching wildlife around you in your own thoughts….or with kids running around. Either way watching kids explore the outdoors can also be magically – just let the get dirty! I like to collect all different kinds of flowers and grasses to give the arrangements texture. the grasses seem simple but can really add to the collection. Make sure you cut your flowers longer than you think you will need and more than you think you will need. And if you happen to have extra – share with a neighbor to brighten their day.

Once you find the flowers now the fun begins. You can now start arranging or making crafts. Arranging is fun and simple to do with a vase or fun container you may have around the house. Craft ideas with young and old are even better to broaden your mind.

First up – Flower Pressing

The group that came out to our farm had a great time collecting then pressing flowers in the their engraved flower presses by RVA Customization. What a great gift idea that you can use forever and these looked so nice!

If you don’t have a flower press a really heavy book and some parchment or wax paper will do. As I kid I used a telephone book but who has those these days. If you want to make your own I found this video on a DIY project flower press. Now you can take the stems off the flowers and put the flowers in the press. As you press enough to start your project go for it. The group that came out to the farm did their initials or you could just do one letter for a child’s room or your last name initial. Here is an example of what it may look like in the end.

Other Craft Ideas

My kids really love to experiment with colored water and what can happen to the flowers as they drink the water. This is a great visual for little kids to see and learn about the parts of the flower. Easy educational but fun projects is my goal!

Take your flowers and put them in water that has food coloring in it. Note we tried this by using water colors in water and it did not work! This process may go fast or take a day but be ready for some magic.

Another idea would be to make a crown for your head to wear around. Daisy’s are great for this or those with a bit stronger stem. Painting with flowers is another fun way to see the patterns you can make with a flower petal or a grass. The possibilities are endless and we would love to see and hear about your ideas.

Send them to us in email or to our social media via Facebook or Instagram so we can see your creations. Above all have fun and enjoy the outdoors.