Do you have a garden or a small flower patch in your yard? If so listen up you may want to deter some predators while still providing your lovely plants to pollinators.

Why not make your own recycled scarecrow or garden buddy – whatever you want to call it. This will not harm or deter the natural pollinators in your garden but it will deter pests or those that may harm or eat your plants. Start to gather some recyclable materials like a plastic flower pot, tin foil pans, old CDs, cans, tops of milk or soda bottles etc. You get the idea.

Now lay out the the materials and design your garden buddy. If you have a tree to hang him from then great otherwise you will need some way to prop him up. floral wire would likely be a good way to connect all the pieces. Shiny things like CDs really help keep the predators out and attract the good animals to your garden. Keep that in mind when designing.

Pollinators are what we need to keep our fruits and grains and vegetables growing year after year. Support your local honey farmers they are pollinating your garden! We are thinking about having bees on our farm one day to help our local area with pollinators. Since we have a ton of flowers around the property and the trees it would be a perfect location.

Come check out our flowers in August and September and maybe catch a glimpse of a few butterflies. Follow our social media for updates on when we will be open with times and dates.