If you’re like me, taking your chainsaw into the woods on a piece of equipment (such as a tractor or an ATV) is a normal part of getting work done around the property.

When carrying a chainsaw on the tractor, I’ve commonly tossed the saw (and related items, such as ax, oil, fuel, wedges) into the bucket of the tractor. Unfortunately, this renders the bucket useless for other tasks.

Worse yet, its possible to temporarily forget these items are in the bucket and then you risk damaging your tools when doing tractor work.

Fortunately, there is a safer and more convenient way to carry your chainsaw in your tractor with a device called SawHaul.

Sawhaul Chainsaw Mount on Kubota L3901 with LA525 Loader

The SawHaul mounts to the tractor loader arm or ROPS and has a scabbard for the chainsaw bar which provides a safe and secure chainsaw mount for any size saw up to 20 inches (they apparently just recently came out with versions for longer saws).

I was able to mount my Sawhaul on my tractor’s loader arm with the universal tractor kit.

Key Benefits of the SawHaul Are:

  • Protection: Keeps your chainsaw safe and protected
  • Convenience: Keep you saw on the tractor all the time, so you can use it whenever the need presents itself (without making a trip back to the barn or garage)
  • Versatility: You can still use any 3 point attachment you wish


The SawHaul scabbard is black rigid plastic while the mount and all hardware is steel. Mine came with Kubota Orange lettering on the side of the scabbard to match the tractor. Other colors are available to match other brands of equipment.

You can purchase a SawHaul directly from their website, or on Amazon, where you can support Woods Tree Farm by purchasing yours through this affiliate link: https://amzn.to/3nlkTFP

For more information about SawHaul and related products to carry other gear, check out their website.

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