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We bought our property to start a Christmas tree farm in November of 2018 and we’ve done quite a bit of work in our first 6 months to clean up the property, build some of the infrastructure, and plant our first trees.

The property we purchased was neglected for several years before we purchased it and we had to do a lot of clean-up work first.

Watch the full video for our 6-month update here:

There was a fence line along the middle of our big field, which we wanted to remove to make the field wide open. The fence had cedar trees and vines grown up through it, so it was a big job to remove all the fencing.

We built a large fire pit that we’ll use during our events and gatherings at the farm. Overall, the fire pit is nearly 7’x7′ square and can handle logs up to 6 feet long inside. Its a great place to keep warm, now!

There is a muddy creek that feeds the pond where we built a 16′ long footbridge.

In winter, we had a soil test done by a agriculture extension agent in order to determine what amendments our soil needed to grow Christmas trees.

The insight from the soil test was very helpful!

Handmade Benches

We spent a rainy day making some park-style benches. We wanted to create a few quiet areas where guests (and ourselves) could sit, relax and enjoy the scenery. This style bench is very easy to make and affordable too – the lumber and hardware cost less than $40 per bench!

Hay wagon

We put sides on our hay wagon, so now we’re ready to hosts guests and take people on hay rides! So exciting!

So much going on at our farm!

Here are the video links to all the projects listed above: